Buying a diamond is an exciting experience; diamonds are precious, rare and unlike any other substance on earth.  Diamonds are millions of years old, formed deep inside of the earth, under intense pressure, and perfect conditions. In fact, if diamonds come out of the earth under the wrong conditions (as the often do) they can easily be transformed back into graphite (pencil lead). This is one of the many reasons why diamonds are so highly sought after and expensive.


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Elizabeth Taylor is famous for many things, one of which is cleaning her famed jewels with a strong combination of gin and hot water. This is a fun and whimsical idea, but not really practical for every day. So many of our customers ask us, what is the best way to clean and maintain their prized possessions? Ideally, we always suggest a professional cleaning at either one of our locations. Our trained jewelers Mark, Chad, Chris, or Joe will thoroughly inspect your pieces, tighten any loose stones, and give them an intensive cleaning in our ultrasonic machine. This is not only ideal because your pieces will dazzle and shine in the light, but because your jewelry will receive a “check-up”, a quick evaluation of any necessary repair. In between visits to either location for your free cleaning, here are a few great tips on how to keep your gems in tip-top shape.

Dawn Sode1ba74fdbdfb08bf0c66a1bfba3a1a6ap and Warm Water:

Best overall jewelry cleaner, it’s mild enough for your pearls, and strong enough to give dazzle to your diamond. Simply use an extremely soft toothbrush to remove grime, leave your jewelry to dry on a clean cloth, and admire your results.







e712c9cf0b661982f6b754456c3e39f1Diamond Dazzle Stick:

An industry secret that we just started to carry in our store, this little miracle is perfect for travel or the diva on the go. Wet the tip of its brush with tap water, twist the cap to release the blue liquid, use the brush to sweep and scrub away grime on your necklaces earrings and rings, then rinse your jewelry off with tap water.  Your pieces will look vivid again.







e86fced4091583fb23481ab6d709dc1cAmmonia Based Liquid Cleaner:

This mass marketed jewelry cleaner often found is in a little red bottle at most big box stores, like Target, Wal-Mart, Sam’s, etc. It is ideal for only certain types of jewelry. This jewelry cleaner is very harsh and can cause harsh chemical reactions to some metal (especially sterling silver), and can destroy some soft gemstones (pearls, coral, opals, etc). This cleaner is only ideal for gold, platinum, diamonds, rubies, and sapphires. You can leave your “pre-approved” pieces overnight in this cleaner and rinse them in tap water for a nice fresh glimmer of brilliance to your day.






14050729Impregnated Polishing Cloth:

This little beauty is the best option for all of your sterling silver. These cloths are filled with gritty polishing compounds that attaches to the tarnish of your jewelry and swiftly and easily removes it. The unbelievable thing is that the dirtier these cloths become, the better they work. Throwing them in your washing machine will make them worthless.

All of these specialty jewelry cleaning items are available for sale at both of our locations. We hope our advice helps you on your quest for you beautiful brilliant jewelry.

*From your Jeweler for a Lifetime-Comeau Jewelry Company