Brides have so many decisions to make before their wedding; the dress, the caterer, the music, and the list goes on. It is such a stressful, exciting, and amazing time and we are always overjoyed to be part of your journey. In fact we would love to take away one of those decisions for you. The decision of whether or not to solder your Engagement and Wedding Ring together.  The answer is always YES. With normal wear, your engagement and wedding rings will constantly rub each other back and forth.

DSC_0082This friction causes permanent damage to your rings. Several different things will happen to your rings if they are left un-soldered, your bands will become much thinner.






DSC_0081The head holding your diamond will wear down (RESULTING IN TOTAL CENTER STONE LOSS).






Your stones will loosen, and you will inevitably cause very expensive damage. For as little as $39 dollars you will completely avoid all of these problems. All of our repairs are done by skilled, trusted jewelers in our stores. Save yourself a headache, and give yourself the gift of peace of mind.