qaloNew Year, New You! This is the most popular time of year to get healthy and get in shape, but this is also the worst time of year for your valuable jewelry. Necklaces and Earrings get lost in the locker room, chains break, and rings get damaged when you lift weights.  The best advice we at Comeau Jewelry can give you about the gym and your jewelry is that they don’t mix.


Keep your valuable jewelry at home in a safe place. If you choose to wear a ring at the gym, it is a CERTAINTY that metal Engagement Rings, and Wedding Bands will become damaged.




We have a soluqalo3tion for you. We carry the exciting new brand Qalo Rings: In both of our locations, at 1936 S Rangeline Road Suite E in Joplin MO, and at 200 E Centennial Drive Suite 8 in Pittsburg, Kansas. They are made from sturdy rubber, they come in a variety of colors and widths, and are made for both men and women. Whether you are into Crossfit, Farming, or just like to live life on the edge, these rings are perfect for you. We carry a wide variety of sizes readily in stock, but if there is a certain color or width that you desire we can order them in for you to try on within a week. Men’s Rings start at $20, and Women’s Rings start at $17.