Maiden Lane is an innovator of both product and service for its engagement rings and other jewelry for sale by independent jewelry retailers. Maiden Lane strives to be the leading supplier of bridal engagement rings, providing exquisite quality that drives customer satisfaction and loyalty.Maiden Lane specializes in producing fine quality engagement rings and other diamond jewelry. We’ve been in the jewelry business for three generations, and we are proud of our history as designers and producers of stunning jewelry for independent retailers across the country. But we are also dedicated to developing exciting new products that draw inspiration from the past, re-imagined and modernized for today’s brides.

With a passion for artisanship and an awareness of today’s trends, Maiden Lane is taking a new direction. By pioneering new products and designs, Maiden Lane offers traditional quality with a modern aesthetic, as exemplified by the ASPIRITM Bridal and Jewelry Collections.

All ASPIRI engagement rings are proudly made in the USA.