Welcome to the new comeaujewelrycompany.com! We are extremely proud of our new modern revamped website. There are so many improvements that we are privileged to share. Probably the most exciting new feature to our website is that you will be able to shop for merchandise from Comeau Jewelry from the comfort of your own home! We have a large variety of beautiful ready to purchase, jewelry for you on comeaujewelrycompany.com, and we will ship directly to your home or business.

Our new website also gives us the opportunity to show off our beautiful jewelry. We love showing off the latest trends, and our classic staples. We pride ourselves on our ability to create unique, one of a kind custom creations from scratch using Computer Aided Design software and our 3D printer. With Comeau Jewelry, you don’t have to compromise, you get exactly what you want.

Now with our new website you will be able to contact either of our locations and get a quick, courteous response about our latest events, sales, and promotions.

Most importantly we will be publishing more articles about custom jewelry, engagement rings, the latest trends, jewelry repairs, and much much more. We are your local experts, and we will be your jeweler for a lifetime.